Thursday, 17 June 2010

tired of all this..
im sick of all this..
i really2 wish this time ill be with them trus..
no more bnde2 yg aku pnah ase mase dok ostel..
stalker, back stabber,moodable n other fucking fren.. me find the truth
which is the best for me..
whole of my sem break, i keep thinking about all this..
the influencer of my life, my personal matter n the most important matter in my life..
once more i fail!
fail to be the best..
fail to be better..
i wish i am easily going out from this matter..
away from the stalker..
im tired of all of u..
plz sgt2..
wut eva i do is always a matter of u all kan2.. all u ll take that as a weapon to give a shoot..
including my personal life..
thats alll about me..
torn in a meat!

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