Monday, 23 August 2010

living in this world is not easy..
not all peeps are perfect n so do i..
accept the fact as it is..
ask before gives out a word..
dun just simply judge peeps as u like..
n hahaha..
laugh as u wanted..
cry..let it all out..
if that may release u..
spend some time with ur loves one..
dun create a trouble wif a troublemaker..
love urself as who u are..
if im not the one..
tengs a lot..
picture wont exist without a camera..
no moving treee without a wind..
start the day with a sincere smile..
accept the future. and .learn by the past..

p/s: have u ever think about them in ur lyfe??
         stop sending tat mailto:f@#$#*** ($*#) ouke..
         sincerely, im not demand for all that

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