Saturday, 14 May 2011

final weeks

sangat tress dengan final week this sem..nape ape jea yang aku bace, as i entered the exam hall..when i seat and staring at the exam paper, ill burn a.s.a.p.. huh..i feel like im dying while answering the freaking i never answer it eventhough i know the question are really easy and i have done a revision about it.but how comes everithing comes in blur whenever i get into it..

huh..i still got two killer  paper to go and im confused how to do it. even ive try so mich i still couldnt remember what i have learn and this situation makes me freak out and i feel like...

guess i need some rest or wut do i need....sobsobsob..


i demand for this thing sooooo badly, deeeply an madlyyy

i miss them sooo badlyyy

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