Tuesday, 11 January 2011


hari yg sangat pressure..
i dunnoe how tu goin through this
all tha things become soo complicated..
ape lagikk lah dugaan idup nie..
is it matter for me to just stay being silent like this all tha time..
maybe they will had a weird feeling but..
wut should i do..
oh god please help me searching tha right thing to stay at the right lane..
sumetimes we need to sacrified what we have..
but do we bare to do thaT..
arent you dare to do it???

ask this question to urself dear..
how much caurages do you have to being a person..
are you going to stay being cowardly to do anything..
everything kan..
think twice or thousand is better than being regret on future yahh..

asking, doing anything right and wrong..
ok i noe all that is the life..
including if you r going...
stay being coward by not doing what you wanted to..

its already 2011..
when are you going to change yahh..
is it yesterday today n tomorrow are just the same?..
seriously, im sick of all this..
taking care of something that never care bout us..
sounds like hypocrite yah..
sometimes we neeed t be hypocrite in wutever we are doin..

p/s: im just trying to be me..do what i loike..love who i love n dun mess around wit unnecessary n unmatured stuff..
i am already 20..i should know what tha best n think the best..

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